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nice visit

My friend from SF from 30 yrs ago visited for the last 5 days...we kayaked and saw music and went to the parks and museums....Here is a photo of her at Selby Gardens where they had a speical exhibit of Borucan face masks.... She is heading back to NY now.....

finally warming up

Its been so cold here (for FLA) for months! Finally we are getting our perfect weather! I kayaked 8 miles on the Myakka Sunday. Here is a little heron that I got really close to.

Wonderful tomato soup

My friend and I shared some wasabi tuna and pan blackened calamari as well as this lovely tomato soup! The restaurant-Ariso is run by David Borer...he and my friend Ursula both Swiss.


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My boss the Unibomber

My boss Mike is so cute in his goofy hat....
He sits across from my workspace.

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Wow fresh spices!

I stopped into The Fresh Market (pricey but marvelous) after work-mostly because it's close and I wanted to check to see if the had the Oregon Chai tea concentrate I love (they don,t-but they carry big train dry which I will try)....Anyways they do have a lovely shelf of fresh herbs and spices...I bought some lavendar-nutmeg-chives,and dill.

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I can get radio (with the Wunderadio app) from anywhere on my iphone! I have it hooked through my puter speakers too!
Right now I am listening to KQED-FM from San Fran (show on Bobby Blue Bland-next is Prairie Home Companion).
I can get WORT radio from Madison and the local NPR radio too... Got any suggestions for other great stations?

Saw this gator checking out this little blue heron eating a fish tonight while I was on my walk around the neighborhood.....