annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Indy 4

I saw two Indy's today--the Indy 500 and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull....Jones was the better of the two! I actually paid $$ to see it on the big screen!!! Grand film with loads of amazing non-stop action...death traps and flesh-devouring ants, monkeys, ancient pyramids,flying saucers and waterfalls.Cate Blachette is vunderbar as the Russian femme fatal who "rolls her Wubb-i-u's". I have always liked Karen Allen as well and great to see her in the flic...Ford,Shia and Hurt are great also.They even have a skinny Jim Broadbent in the film. What sets this apart from other action films is that the characters are so like-able and the odd bits of sarcastic humor and one liners added in make it very enjoyable.

Russian media asked Blanchett whether her character was in keeping with the West's move back towards a Cold War with Russia.

"I certainly hope not, politically," she said, when asked if she thought cinema was following a real-life return to a Cold War footing.

"I think we've had the nuclear conversation, and I can't believe its coming up. I'm all for perestroika. It's not communicating that is not particularly useful."

Like a seasoned politician, Blanchett then moved the persistent questioning back to the movie.


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