annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Bog Dog & baby bunting

SKIP had wonderful fun playing in the mud at PAW PARK!!!!

I embroidered a receiving blanket for my friend who is haveing a baby boy- Lolo is their last name--I had a running stitch all around it but the weave is so loose it was unraveling, so I took it all out. These are Sublime Stitching patterns....

AFTER being at PAW PARK I heard this disturbing news!
the very area SKIP was playing in the mud in....!!!!!

SARASOTA - Some disturbing news for dog owners; A Sarasota woman says her dog died after going to the dog park on 17th Street.  Three others say their dog got sick.

Veterinarians confirmed the dogs ingested anti-freeze.

People walking into Sarasota's Paw Park on 17th Street near Honore come to a complete stop...staring in almost disbelief at what they're seeing.  Posted on the fence: three signs warning there's poison in the park.  Three dogs have become ill.  One dog, belonging to Tina Ratonyi, died.

Ratonyi says her schnauzer Shanti was the child she never had.  Every other weekend, she brought Shanti here Saturday afternoon.  "He ran over to that water and drank some water."

That night, Shanti became violently ill...shaking, vomiting.  Over the next three days, Ratonyi saw eight veterinarians from Sarasota to Tampa to Fort Lauderdale.  No one could tell her what was wrong with Shanti, until finally a test for anti-freeze was done.  "It came back positive.  By that time, it was too late."

Tuesday afternoon, Shanti was put to sleep.  "He was my baby.  The fact is we would have done anything for him."

It's tough to know exactly how the anti-freeze would have gotten into this park, but many who were here on Saturday report seeing the same thing: "a white station wagon changing fluids in the parking lot."  And someone dumping the fluid near the fence.

"Now we're all paranoid our dogs are going to be poisoned.  We don't know to come to the park or not to come, and to not let our dogs up near the front, which I won't do anymore," says dog owner Maryann McNemar.

Deputies told ABC 7 that if someone did dump anti-freeze near Paw Park, he would face charges.

But Ratonyi says it's too late.  She's already lost her best friend.  "It was horrible.  They put him to sleep in my arms."

We called Sarasota County Parks and Recreation to tell them what was going on here.  They told us they would look into immediately.

We also talked to local vet Dr. Dave Smith.  He told us anti-freeze is sweet, like Kool-Aid almost, so dogs are attracted to it.  But it is very, very toxic.  Dr. Smith says if your dog drinks it, you might think your dog looked drunk, staggering, disoriented, drooling.  He says rush to a vet's office.  There is a small window of time before it's too late.


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