annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

My asthma and the dog

It was inevitable I guess that my asthma would flare up now that we have the dog......hes a short hair and I was hoping I wouldn't have a reaction to him but of course anything cute is cause for me to get asthma. Anyhow its gotten pretty severe. I have been using albutural inhalers a lot and they are not good for the heart. So yesterday I took any dog related items from my room (I had a crate in there)-vacuumed the area and I put all new sheets and stuff on the bed...(he had jumped up there a few times)-Also, I went to target and got a room air purifier-to run at night. I figure that if I can at least eliminate all the dander from my room that should help. Today my lungs are still wheezy but I figure it will take a few days to clear them.

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