annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

dog and bicycle

My dog (feisty terrier) just isn't getting enough exercise although he gets two walks a day. He becomes a maniacal bitey jumping freak! So tomorrow I am going to a bike shop to get a Pyramid Bicycle Dog Leash attachment for the bike. I have looked online and this is the least pricey but seems to have pretty good reviews.....I like that it is behind the bike and the dog cannot get entangled in the bike wheels----the only possible problem is that the dog can run off to the side and throw your bike off balance---but I will give it a try as it is under 20 bucks....

Hands free operation

Easy Low attachment

Prevents dog from becoming entangled in the wheel or frame

Maintain stability and Control while riding with your Dog

This will attach to the rear axle and the other end has a loop you can attach your dogs leash to. This item is made of all steel with a small safety leash that will loop around the backend of your frame.


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