annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Company Xmas Party

We had our company Xmas party at the Field Club yesterday evening. They had an open bar (yeah cosmopolitans) and a nice buffet dinner. What was fun is the "gift exchange"---to participate you bring a wrapped gift and your name goes in a drawing.Then they draw the names and you get to unwrap a random gift---and you can make deals or force someone to exchange their gift with yours....I got some DVD and I changed it for a $20 Olive Garden gift certificate. I wrapped one of my ceramic pieces- a salad bowl which seemed to go over well.

Now for the truely surprising thing! The owner bought presents for all the attending employees. Once again he drew names from a jar and you went up and picked a number and recieved the corresponding gift. I got a digital photo frame. Evidentally he buys all the gifts and also wraps them all himself. He also gave me $25 bucks yesterday at work. Anyhow, since I received nothing at all at my last employer (where I had worked for 10 years) I thought that was all pretty nice.

Me between a salesman and a pressman (both named Dick!)

the gift thing


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