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Dad and I went to see 301 to YUMA tonite since he likes westerns----it was pretty good as it focused on the layered relationships between the characters....The guy who was most fabulous was Ben Foster who played a the second in command badass hombre Charlie Prince! This guy had it down with the creepy sneaky pyscho sensitive killer thing going.

The white leather jacket you wear in 3:10 to Yuma is pretty … fashion forward. What's that about?

We were going over archival photographs of outlaws with our brilliant wardrobe designer Ariane Phillips, who did Hedwig & the Angry Inch and Walk the Line, and we all came to the same conclusion that outlaws were the rock stars on their generation. We wanted to pursue that idea aesthetically, so Ari found the jacket. What we liked about it was it looked like bleached bone, something you might see in the desert and there was a sense of royalty to it that went with the name Charlie Prince … After looking at the photographs, if it was rock and roll, it seemed to be glam rock. So we watched a lot of glam-rock footage.

ere are two photos of a guy from works new puppy which is part PUG and part LAB....
this is NOT my dog.............I get to see my pup tomrorow and then only one more week til' he comes home....!
Gotta luv those paws!


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