March 6th, 2009

homemade winder and swift

 Gather up 4 wire coat-hangers, some duct tape, and a wine bottle. Bend the hanger’s hanger-parts straight, then down to a right angle. Duct-tape ‘em together with a decent blob o’tape, stick em’ in the wine bottle’s neck, and see how it spins. Bend up the coat hangers so that your skein of yarn won’t fall off the contraption. Adjustments are made with the application of more tape and brute force, as needed.

Now grab yourself your “nostepinne” (in my case, a bit of dowel with an elastic around the middle, to secure the initial yarn-tail), pull up your chair, and commence with winding!
Below is another cool swift made from tinkertoys!



Moon over Myakka Benefit Concert


Veil Dance Video 2-gyspy surfer dude music

Moon over Myakka Concert in the park----It was a really great band -" Wine & Alchemy"---Mark is an amazing player---he played guitar, Sitar, Greek Bouzouki, accordion.. Roxanne Bruscha is the main vocalist/and a fabulous Middle Eastern Dancer..the drummer Jake and guitarist Neil were also very good. The proceeds from the concert went to the park....there was also a raffle for a really great kayak that I did not win :-(