December 25th, 2008

Skip update

 HO Ho Ho
Skip's new family called me and he is settling in first they had difficulties with him digging lots of holes in the yard and harrassing their little dogs...also jumping on his infant. But now evidentally hes wise-ing up and behaving better. Keegan says he craves attention and only behaves badly if he hasn't gotten enough of it. They leave the back door open and Skip runs in and out of the house and now the little dogs chase him! I guess he even caught up with a squirrel (they are his arch nemisises) and he didn't know what to do once he did...he sniffed it and it ran off. They also bought him a wading pool! Sounds like things are working out AOK and Skip is super happy! YAY!


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We got some goodies from the family this XMAS!
My niece Claire gave me this neat ornament and Ellen got me a really kewl kayak pendant amoung other great items---we received quite a bit of edible yummy items too plus gift cards to REI, Starbucks, Applebys and lots of great Peets coffee! thanks all!!