December 13th, 2008

garage sale failure

dad and I are trying to get rid of major amounts of stuff here---both his and mine....we boxed about 30 boxes and also had miscellaneous items like vacuums etc....we piled it all in both cars Friday night and went to a lot that a guy has next to his house...(we cant sell here where we live-and this guy offered the lot from craigslist) ---well the guy was hung over and didn't put out any signs (which he said he would do for 10% of what we made)-and hardly anyone came! I went around the area posting cardboard box signs. We ended up getting very few people even though the place is right off a busy street....oh well we made only $55 dollars in 5 hours. The good thing is we drove to goodwill and donated everything we didn't sell----so we are rid of all that stuff. but it was a lot of work setting that yard sale up and unpacking and repacking it all.......we plan to just take stuff straight to goodwill now unless it is good enough to try and sell on craigslist-and of course now my back hurts.