December 4th, 2008

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After a wierd work-day...(slow and a bit of rivalry between my co-workers over jobs)....I went to a great wine tasting at ABC wines-where for $10 bucks you got loads of tasting (so much I couldn't deal with more) and lots of great food---(ravioli mushrooms from Carrabas restaurant and cheese and dips etc....). they also give you a $5 dollar coupon off any purchase so I got a fab chardonney (Snoqualamie Naked Chardonnay) from Wash state for $9 dollars. After a bit of the vine I went a few blocks away to Bee Ridge Park. My kayak buddy Gene participates in a bluegrass jam there every thursday evening, so it was opportune to see him after drinking all those sample wines. The group was about 15-20 old guys jamming to oldies...there was a dobro player, a great fiddle guy, some mandolines and a lot of guitarists. Funny how I like hanging with these old guys instead of going to "clubs" etc...with people my own age. The bluegrass singers were all enjoyable and Gene was great particularly when he sang  " I Just don't Look Good Naked Any More".

The bluegrass and wine tasting made the day a whole heck of a lot better.