August 19th, 2008

greening China

China not only has "greened up" (painted) areas around the olympic arena but has also sprayed an entire mountain green rather than plant shrubs/ trees. The Chinese government spent a little over 470,000 yuan ( Which is a little over 60,000 US dollars), in an effort to paint the Laoshou Mountain green.

Laoshou mountain

How about that scoring system for the gymnasts in Beijing? Interesting how two gymnasts can get the exact same score but after secondary examination the Chinese one gets the gold.

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Well...we spent all that time putting up those storm screens --- 74 bolts worth on the sides of those screens alone---and the hurricane/tropical storm sidestepped us to the east...We haven't even gotten any rain or wind at all. The gals at work think we may get some wind/rain later today---but anyhow "better safe than sorry". I was really looking forward to a day off work and bowling....sigh