August 17th, 2008

walking dog

Myakka State Park

Skip and I went on a little trip to Myakka State Park...its actually only about 45 mins from here.
Its great that they allow dogs on leash and it only cost me $3bucks to get in. We went to the Canopy Walkway off the Boylston Trail.The canopy was inspired by Dr. Margaret Lowman to study the treetops since she realized that Florida's forests were as imperiled as many of the legendary rainforests. It was fun to walk across the suspension bridge which swayed quite a bit--Skip did well on it though...and he climbed the steps to the top of the tower like a pro! Afterwards we drove the length of the park---stopping to view the many wild boars and checking out the visitor center and birding walkway.They also offer kayaking and canoeing as well as an airboat ride. I will probably try the kayak one of these days.


                                                              Views from the TOP of the tower

palm tree

Tropical Storm Fay presently coming right towards us...

We put up our storm blinds on the lanai yesterday as Fay is projected to come directly towards Tampa/Sarasota Bay area. The blinds attach by grommets with tracks that are installed on the columns...supposedly they withstand 150 mph winds..The photos show how you can see out but not in with them.....they aren't fully attached on the sides in these pictures.