January 6th, 2008


Dog running with bike attachment WALKYDOG

I will return this item and get a WALKYDOG-the Pyramid isn't bad but I think the Walkydog looks much better as the leash doesn't get tangled in the dogs feet as it is up higher and also it has the spring action. The Springer looks great but I don't like the way it attaches to the bike.


We started out slowly and it worked well! Skip liked it quite a bit!!! However, next time out I will use a harness on him to prevent possible leash entanglement in his legs. The Pyramid attachment is very easy to put on with some velcro and and area that fits in between the quick release on the back tire and the frame. I used a 5ft leash and he ran more or less alongside of me. I kinda threatened him off and on with the wheel and pressing the brakes to ward him away from the bike so that he would know not to approach it-(although that seemed obvious to him). We even passed another dog and he kept his place alongside the bike! WOO-HOO! Afterwards we went to the dog park and now my father is taking him for a walk so hes bound to be tuckered out! I will take him on another bike run later on today.

See Skip alongside bike using the pyramid---video at this link:


Jack in Easyrider 1969

Two motorcycle riders (bikers) on their way to Mardis Gras encounter hitchhikers, a drunken lawyer, a jail cell, a whorehouse and the death of a friend.