December 29th, 2007

dog toys and the environment

Skip has about 30 good toys but lately what he really loves is an empty water bottle. It is really bouncy and hard for him to carry because the diameter is larger than his mouth, so it gets away from him a lot. I can see why those are so environmentally bad as they are really difficult to wreck! See articles on plastic water bottles below:

I took some photos of the impatients off my little porch and will try to do watercolors of them....I used a watercolor effect in photoshop and may try to emulate that!

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My niece and I walked around the outside area of the inlet where the condo is---the beach side. It was really different as the area was all trees (they look like birch but I am sure they aren't) in sand and big roots. Most of these are decorated by people with shells.....It was really foggy, etherial weather and kind of netherworldish.