November 18th, 2007

James Barbour

So I went to see a TALE OF TWO CITIES again last thursday -- just to see JB again. He was excellent, but seeing the production a second time so soon was not that great really. However, I saw in todays local paper that JB was going to do a one man show singing broadway tunes he has performed in JAN here at the Asolo. I got us tickets pronto and we will be in the front row of the mezzanine on JAN 14th! YAY

I also completed all the health stuff to get on the company insurance---wooooo it will save me $250 a month and I get dental too! Those forms are really agonizing for me though...I hope I can get it for DEC so I don't have to pay cobra for next month.....

James Barbour as Sydney Carton