October 29th, 2007


new paintings and techniques

Here are two new paintings I did in my watercolor class....these notes are for me really...

Lighthouse----first we did a wash sky
then we made the rocks using our palette knife to move the pigment after we added it to the paper-bottom of rocks are darker
next we put in the water-trying to add definition by adding shadows and highlights
Then we made spray using a toothbrush!
we made a pencil outline of the lighthouse and using wash method added shading and windows

Tonite we learned how to use the "pour" method.....
first we did the wash sky using paynes grey-alizarin crimson-rose -and prussian blue
then we added the reflection "lake"-wash like sky but in reverse
then the land mass and the trees
We wet the paper quite a lot and added more color under the land and trees to add relections---pulling our brush down with some
stokes for tree reflections....
we then made a large amount of the blue grey mixture and wet the canvas (sky area) by spraying it with a sprizter--added more wash of rose-alizarin adn then
we then poured the color on and turned the paper to make it flow where we wanted....it you get streaks you touch them up witha  small brush while very wet