September 22nd, 2007


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WE got SKIP!! Interestingly the breeder upped the price 50 bucks! DAD pointed it out to her and she pretended she forgot!!!! That did sorta dampen the good will about the deal---Skip whimpered a tiny bit on the way home in his carry thingy but then he sacked out.  When he got home we fed him a tiny bit for lunch and he did good and did a tinky outside. He loves to snuggle and sleep on my chest....eEEEeeeeEEE he so cute and he seems to enjoy his chew toys.

I put his little unrestricting harness on him and we went outside a few times...He did both #1 and #2 outside after his dinner! GOOD DOG! Gets treat at this time!!
He just loves his crate and crashes as soon as hes in it...thats what he is doing now-so I am having an internet puppy break. It will be interesting to see how he manages at night....

arrrf arrf