September 13th, 2007


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Finished pots...
I think they turned out pretty well...however I still prefer them in the raw clay state before glazing and bisque firing....OH  tonite at ceramics I was planning to throw my entire half bag of clay so I asked a big guy if he would wedge it for me....and this one gal---maybe ten yrs older than me---said to me "what about womens' lib?" Now isn't that dumb!!!! I told her "hey, he is bigger and stronger than me!" But I wanted to tell her---"hey I am not wearing a bra you silly snit!"
Funny but irritating----geez I am a super independent lib person.......
I am winding down with the pottery as I only have one class watercolor!

More animals at work--see photos.............

Animals Dee and Zombie

Animals Karen and Coco the Macaw