September 9th, 2007


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I d
idn't get to see Skip this weekend as the breeder had a bbq to go to....she said hes really getting bigger!
So I went out and bought a bunch of dog stuff---collar- food dishes- chain -yard stake -dog bed and a bunch of toys---squeakers -chew thingys-throwing thingys-oh and also those pee pads that make a puppy "go" where you put them supposedly. I got a kong chew toy that you can put a little peanut butter in to get the puppy to chew on it instead of your sneakers and also a PuppyFish-(see below). I think we get to bring Skip home in two more weeks!!

Veterinarian recommended Puppy Fish is specifically formulated for your teething puppy to assist in the growth and development of his/her teeth and jaws. With an irresistible bacon flavor and unique glow in the dark skeleton, Puppy Fish will provide hours of chewing enjoyment for your puppy.

I got my hair cut today and the hairstylist was not like the gardener butchers! She thinned my hair and cut off just a little!
I will definately go back to her as she was also only $28 bucks.

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We watched the movie "300" tonight....Very artsy - I liked the lighting and other moody filming effects----the gore was extensive but also artistically done. What struck me as funny though was that "Xerxes" reminded me of "Ra" from the 1994 Stargate movie. His deep resonant voice and eyeliner was very reminiscent! And naturally they didn't portray anything like the "real" Xerxes. The other thing that I enjoyed about the movie were the hard abs of the "Spartans"---evidentally the cast really did work out to build up their fighting physiques-there was supposedly no CGI used on "enhancement" UMMMM,...not so sure I believe that one. Also it was a bit odd that the "Spartans" in the movie went to battle practically naked.