September 8th, 2007

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Hedge murder!
I told dad I wanted the hedge 2 feet taller---he told the lawn guys (I am not sure what he told them)-so they hacked the hedge down to two feet tall! Dad stopped them when they were half way done.....Its horrible.

PARTY at HOB NOB for Peggy from the Ringling Museum


hedge update

So I moved this potted tree that is on the porch over to the big square HOLE in the hedge and when you are sitting "just right" on the porch you don't notice the hedge hole too much. However this is the first day since I moved here that I could see the neighbors' in their swimsuits-and their three dogs.

I made a bunch of items at ceramics today----see photos - and also glazed some of my other items....shes charging $180 a month with $37 per bag o' clay so I will quit ceramics after my 5 weeks are up and try watercolors.......much cheaper I predict----I did buy some Winsor & Newton watercolors off Ebay today so I am set and ready to go....might get an easel down the road if I dig watercolor. I like the idea of portable less expensive art....although I do love clay and the people there are nice---but it costs more per hour than I make at work!!!! They also have stained glass classes and that appeals to me--partly because I figure more men might make stained glass art.

UMMMM--kinda a crazy bowl thingy....................

Glazed items ready for kiln

This turned out WAYYYY different than the photo here

Pendants in the making ready for bisque firing