August 23rd, 2007

crap money

I got my first paycheck---sheesh-I haven't made so little since the early 80s! But I like the people and place and I am doing some design jobs-(today I did a raffle ticket in two hours) - yesterday I did a Ritz Carlton customer satisfaction form (lots of tabs) and I have a logo to make for sky pods(they want a flying file cabinet!!!)..So its definately more fun than my last job....they charge only $75 an hour for prepress and design work and at my previous job they charged $300/hr so I guess that says it all. I probably won't live here in Florida for too many years so I guess if I am learning some new stuff thats good - and eventually maybe I can get more dinero elsewhere for my services.Plus I can add these jobs to my freelance portfolio!  But I am A GREAT DEAL for these guys! Plus I installed all my...... shhhh....... (personal software) on my bosses laptop and ha-ha-ha guess what we are using for jobs? They are very limited with only one license for Quark 7 and they don't have CS3 yet except for my stuff which is PC only.

o I went to ceramics tonite and finished off some trimming on a big vase and a small artsy bowl which I used Asian rubber stamps on-a kewl effect! The owner has to rush to NYC  because her dad is dying. So that means no studio for the next week at least. Anyhow this sounds uncaring and crass but shit that studio is really pricey so I hope she will give us an additional class later to makeup for the missing one! I practically fell over today when I got a bag of clay and it was 37 bucks! She adds glazing fees and firing fees charges when you purchase the clay. I was so shocked as I thought the $250 dollar initial class fee would cover glazing and firing!!!! Anyhow although I love doing clay I may start watercolor as this place is just way too expensive.

Dad isn't talking about the possible dog--I am sure hes hopeing I won't follow up on it. But I asked a girl from work to lend me a dog cargo carrier so I hope she brings one in tomorrow. I don't want to buy one if we don't get a dog. We are just going to see it at this point.