August 19th, 2007

Jar finished / bowl

Note to family members:
If you try to call my cell phone I got a new battery and finally reset up my voicemail!

eres my jar after I finished carving it-I like to add texture as the glaze will pool in the crevices---also here is a bowl I did- Its upside down for drying purposes...I always prefer pottery in the leather hard earthenware stage.

We went to see a movie called "The Last Legion" today--I picked that one as dad likes history type war was okay---had some pre-Arthurian stuff about the sword EXCALIBUR in it and Ben Kingsley as MERLIN!!!

Also went to lenscrafters as my glasses that I got last October have this weird thing happening where the lens has sort of a bubble in it-and its getting bigger! Turns out those were defective lenses so they are gonna replace them for free! Great as the glasses were pricey progressive bi-focals with featherlight lenses-transition  darkening and UV! I was glad they could be fixed!!!