August 18th, 2007


I made it through my first week at my new job and I have to say I really like it there so much! I do many of the little grunt jobs but every now and then I get to recreate someones art . My co-workers are all so great and we went out to the local joint the HOB NOB (neat old drive in reminds me of some of Route 66 spots we saw) after work Friday for some beers. Three gals from the Ringling Museum joined us as well. Additionally the pitcher for the beer has a cold thingy in the middle which is a must in FLA. This is swell for me as I worked nights for the last ten years and never got to socialize with anyone.

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I worked at the ceramics studio today and put a lid  and handles on my jar---then I started carving on it too....see photo
The bottom pic is of Carla the studio owner-shes great!