July 6th, 2007

Ringling Estate Visit

We went to the Ringling Estate and joined for a year membership. ITs a great place and the Cà d'Zan which was Mable Ringlings Venetian dreamhouse is fabulous! The actual museum is also stock full of wonderful art and we saw the Magnum Photographers exhibit which was amazing-and documented many dramactic events and people throughout history- IE: Malcom X speaking--a wonderful photo of Che Guevara smoking a cigar in a rather hollywood manner--James Dean walking down the street in Times Square--Khrushchev and Nixon talking after their "kitchen debate" in 1959-also a great shot of DeGualle from above and loads more. We also saw the impressionism landscapes exhibit which had many Renoir and Monet paintings, as well as the American Glacken (who I'd never heard of before) and others. I took many photos so look under the cut! Oh the banyan trees were very exotic and they had some dwarve sculptures hidden amongst them.

Is this guy eating a babys leg?

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