July 1st, 2007


Yesterday I drove to St. Petes to check out the St. Petersburg Clay Company. Wow its a great studio and clay production company in an historic 1926  freight depot station. They have studio spaces you can rent, or monthy open studio usage as well as classes. They also have either cone 6 or 10 firing as well as outdoors salt firing kilns. The only downside is that it takes 45 mins to drive there...but it looks like the best place around here for me to do ceramics.

Our pursuit of excellence begins with our facililites. A 16th Century Japanese-style anagama kiln, a wood-firing train kiln, soda and salt atmostpheric gas kilns, 2 Minnesota flat top gas kilns, a pit kiln, raku kilns and over a dozen electric kilns provide the member artists of SPCC a complete array of firing possibilities. Along with our kilns, our members have acess to all studio equipment including slab-rollers, extruders, work and wedging tables, clay mixers and an expansive glaze mixing area all contained in an historic 1920s train depot."

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As I was leaving the house I drove by a huge turtle or tortoise -- so far I am not able to identify the species although it had sort of a box design. The shell was not hard and the animal was about 1.5 feet in length. Every time I search for turtle Sarasota I get restaurant listings or sea turtle sites.
ID is
Trionyx ferox

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