annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Myakka drive and bike ride

I took dad out to Myakka State park and we saw about 4 gators and did a nice drive to the big lake. We stopped and sat on the upper deck of the new concession area there and I got dad a big double dip butter pecan ice cream cone. There was a couple sitting out there and we discussed kayaking at length since they live in St Petes and wanted to know some great launch spots around here. Dad really enjoyed this drive and its great that he is willing to get out a little bit again.

This is my 7th day with no alcohol (cutting back to lose weight hopefully) and I have walked, kayaked or ridden my bike for the last 6 days in a row. I already feel a lot better although I need to get rid of the big bowling ball between my upper half and lower half! MOTIVATION?....Hey folks its affecting my ability to kayak well! Funny what works to motivate a person.

Photos are of me  and dad at Myakka and my early evening bike ride.


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