annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Perfect HEART ARCH TREE on the Myakka River

Here is a beautiful Myakka vision! Look at that arch reflection---it makes a perfect heart!

Today Gene, John, Jay, Arlene and I paddled north from the T. Malbry Carlton launch up river against a very strong current. It is flood water levels and the river looks completely different from our other paddles where is has been only 1 ft deep. We paddled up 2.6 miles in approx 2.5 hrs and floated back in only 40 minutes! We had to take about 3 rest stops as it was really grueling on our arms. Today we saw many huge egrets and Jay saw a gator.  I saw one briefly splashing in some reeds - getting away from us fast! We got back to the launch just as rain clouds and thunder were rolling in.

My arms are sore!

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