annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

dolphins again!

I started off on a cloudy rainy day enroute to Cortez...there were lots of great rainbows on the way...I have learned that in this tropical climate these thunderstorms have a way of disappearing in a short period of time, and then the weather is great...It was raining a bit at the launch but turned out to be a fabulous day and the clouds were gorgeous!

Gene and I paddled  5.3 Miles today starting off on Anna Maria Island at Bayside Park -we went around the mangroves and up to Cortez (with a dolphin around us on the way)...then back and past the launch and the Anna Maria Island bridge and all the way around Jewfish Key-which is an Island with private homes on it. GREAT paddle---we saw the dolphin feeding going up and back for about 30 minutes and were quite close to it. Lots of pelicans and other birds including a big Osprey....there were also quite a few people in the area--some vacationers sitting on a sandbar in teh middle of the water in lawn chairs having a great time!


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