annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Susan Boyle

OKAY---so it was a big setup on the show Britains Got Talent....Susan Boyles appearance caused people to think she would be an imbecile and then she wasn' all these shows are talking "makeovers" etc...Hey- I like the way she looks! She looks like a Scottish middle aged lady. Leave her be! She shouldn't be hollywoodized! I think she seems like a spunky intelligent gal.

A tribute to her "smarts" below...

The 47-year-old Scot raised eyebrows when she told a British television audience on Saturday that she'd "never been kissed."

"It was said as a joke, not an advert. Can we move on?" Boyle said, laughing. And as for the flood of attention -- with fans and even competition judge Piers Morgan offering to give her a peck -- Boyle said she's flattered, but isn't letting herself be carried away.

"If people want to kiss me, it has to be controlled," she said, still chuckling.


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