annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

dad got me up at 5 am....he thought he might be having a heart attack....his pain was more in his abdomen though...after we waited about an hour he still said the pain had not subsided so we called 911....I followed them down to the hospital and hung around til 8 AM....they were going to do a catscan of his belly are and said they would call me when I could come get him. So I went to turns out he has acute pancreatitis! They said he has to stay there and cannot take food or liquid from the mouth for at least 48 hrs. Tonite they will do another MRI of the stomach area to see if they see any other problems. FINGERS TOES AND EVERYTHING CROSSED!!!!!

I went there after work for 2 hrs and brought

Now I am having pie and a glass of wine!



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