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Florida State Parks

I took dad to Oscar Scherer State Park today in Nokomins where they had a group that sang Appalachian Music.They also had ice cream sundaes with strawberries. I got an annual park pass which I can use at almost every state park in FLA....hey I can use the kayak launch there now for free!

Anyhow it was the perfect event for dad to go to--he said it reminded him of all our camping years ago at Door County Wisconisn. Also, I found it interesting to see the area I have kayaked through from ground level. Dad also played the "clackers"....

Carl and Betty Ross---"Tymes Past"
Carl plays a long-neck banjo in the traditional claw hammer style, as well as the guitar and dulcimer.  Betty plays a three string rhythm bass with weed whacker strings-and a 'plucked psaltery' or harp with the tunes from the 1850's. They often interact and involve the audience in the sharing of rhythm instruments such as 'washboards', 'wood clickers' & 'egg shakers' with toe-tapping old-time music.


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