annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

kayak explorers party

We had our annual group picnic/party today at Ermerson Pt. It was a bit nippy here but we were situated on the south non-bay side so it was sunny and did warm up. I brought and played my uke at the bbq. We crossed the manatee river to Desoto National Memorial in Bradenton....
They put on a demo wearing conquistador outfits and showed us the horses "crackers" as well as the various weaponry of the period...also a bridef history on DeSoto---gold seeker and native mass murderer..... 

Experience Camp Uzita
On a swelteringly hot day in May 1539, Spaniard Hernando de Soto splashed ashore at Tampa Bay intent on capturing the riches of La Florida by any means necessary. His army was alternately welcomed and opposed by Native American tribes throughout what is now the Southeastern United States in a four year, four thousand mile odyssey of intrigue, warfare, disease, and discovery.The Living History interpreters provide formal and informal presentations, including demonstrations of the crossbow and firing the arquebus in a unique 16th century setting.


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