annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Skip has a new home!

 Skip needed a yard and playmates and loving owners and I found him all that!!
Keegan and his girlfriend have a house with a huge back yard and two other dogs(chihuahas)....I posted an ad on craigslist and they were 1 of 4 people who responded...the other people either didn't pan out or sounded suspicious.
I took Skip over there this afternoon and he was in dog heaven! Other dogs to horse around with and a yard to run and play in---he even dug a hole and Keegan saw that too! Morgan is home all day long as well which is great! I gave them Skip's toys, crate, food and his heartworm pills...I really feel happy about it because I know he will love living there!!! Also, they want to open a pet shop...they seem like perfect people to have SKIPPY. Below Morgan, Keegan- (holding SKIP) and their big yard.


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