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dingy-paddling GAP CREEK

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November 8th
Gene and I met at the Cracker Barrel restaurant and had lunch...
Afterwards we headed down to the launch site listed in the Manatee paddlers book at Braden Park-5201 51st Street East -Bradenton.We had a difficult time finding the launch as it was way behind the many ball parks and not clearly marked. The gates were locked so I followed Gene as we drove thru a non-gated walkway area, and down past the ball fields to the creek. (GAP CREEK). The creek was lovely and we went as far as we could past 45th street bridge and back to the launch---we continued past the launch and up into some neat inlets---Egrets--Ospreys with fish in their talons..lots of jumping mullets. We wanted to continue north along side the Braden river but were unable to find a way we went back down to the creek and out to the Braden River. Big rivers don't do much for we headed back to the launch. Neat area!


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