annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Kayak explorers Safety class--I am bruised

Originally uploaded by annexensen

Nov 2- our kayak explorers group met with Terry Brawley instructed us in proper paddling as well as what to do if you capsize. We all practiced capsizing and getting back in our boats....Two dolphins swam by---a cormorant fished all around our boats, and a huge flock of pelicans soared overhead. The water was a bit chilly and it was somewhat windy but it was a great training class. Its not too easy getting back in the boat even with a SOT type kayak. The difficulty is hoisting yourself up into the boat with your PFD on and not getting stuck on all the boat knobs..etc. I am really glad I got this new boat because it is at least possible for me to get back in--especially with a paddle float as an assist-however I am bruised up a bit. Also it doesn't fill with water at all.


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