annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Kayaking midnight bay

 Well I sold my craiglist Pamlico sit-in kayak----for $ 260.00 bucks---only $ twenty less than I bought it for about two months back--and I used it every weekend.....and then I bought a Sit on Top kayak on sale at Silent Sports Outfitters in Ocean Kayak "Caper". Today was my first venture out in it---It is so much easier to get in and out of and feels a lot less tippy....(the main reason I got the SOT type was because if my other ever capsized it would totally fill with water as it had no watertight sections-stern or bow-and I wouldn't be able to get back into it). The new kayak is only a couple of lbs heavier---about 45 lbs total-it is definately a bit slower in the water but the trade off is worth it.

Anyhow Gene and I left at the Vamo launch and went south to a mangrove area that he is clearing out. No one has used it in years and Gene takes his clippers with him and cuts away branches that block the tunnel. The tide was out and it was difficult to paddle there and in the tunnel since the water was so low. The tunnel was really really black swampy and super sulpher-like stinky!!! We saw a coon wandering about in the area


Afterwards we crossed the bay and went down midnight pass (past Stephen King's house) --en route in the Bird Keys Area where we saw an island covered in Pelicans...and afterwards we paddled down the pass and stopped at a small beach area that is right across from the gulf. We got out and walked over to the gulf side and lo-and- behold a school of dolphins was feeding there! The school appeared to be a few larger dolphins and some smaller ones...a family maybe? There looked to be as many as 7 ....I could have watched them all day but we just stayed about 10 minutes and paddled back to the launch.( total about 4 miles).


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