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lightning and Mrs Peel

we had a huge lightning / thunderstorm yesterday morning and our comcast connection got zapped....so we didn't have any tv/internet or house phone since now-12 noon sunday...my cable box has also crapped out---but it was aways spotty so the guy is bringing a new one tomorrow...

No internet so I watched a bunch of stuff on my puter that I hadn't gotten to---the AVENGERS---5 episodes with Diana Riggs-(really funny to see---every episode---Mrs Peel gets captured and suave John Steed comes to the rescue in the knick o' time!-great fashions on Diana)--also watched Atonement-and Mamma Mia.

hey family members: I have a great nickname for gpa---"ole yeller"---since I have to repeat everything 2 or 3x times and he yells all the time across the house which drives me absolutely nuts....


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Aug. 10th, 2008 04:12 pm (UTC)
I allways say I miss thunder and lightning storms because in Portland we only have one maybe once a year and that usualy only involves one strike of lightning. When I lived in Nebraska and Nevada we got real thunder and lightning storms and I remember them affectionatly, but then I'm forgetting about annoyance of the electricity being knocked out by the stroms, which happened a lot in Nevada.

Love the old yeller thing, it would be a good one for my mom, though I tend to be the one that has to do the yelling because she can't hear me otherwise, even with the hearing aid, sigh!
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