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day from heck!

Not the day from hell really but close---I went lap swimming and when back at the car (10 AM) the engine wouldn't start. Well the pool is close to home so I only take my keys---no cell phone or anything so I trucked back to the pool and asked a lady if she had a cell phone I could use.
Called dad and he came to get me....ultimately after hearing a lot of overreacting from dad I called a tow company and they gave me a start--went to SAMS club and bought a new battery---the car is now running and AOK....glad it wasn't the starter-took approx 5 hrs total to sort it all out.

Anyhow, to reward myself I went to the fruitville farmers market and bought loads of fresh fruits and veggies and afterwards went to see DARK KNIGHT the new Bat flic...
Really quite good, ....of course Ledger was villainous as the JOKER but Aaron Eckhart was super as Harvey Dent/Two face-not to mention Gary Oldman and Maggie Gyllenhaal-oh and Christian Bale. This movie is done by director Christopher Nolan who did Memento---which is probably why its not just another action flic. Its long but absorbing and not gory...


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Jul. 20th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, I can just imagine how my mom would be going on and on if I had to call her to get me when my car didn't start, parents! I'm impressed you braved the crowds to see Batman opening weekend, did you have to wait in line very long? I hope to go some time late this next week.
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