annexensen (annexensen) wrote,

Dog Boat

Skip is going for a ride on my floaty. Hes not too keen on this but I force him into it once and a while.

Today I went to the "wet pits" at the Van Wezel to see the monster boats that raced at the in the Sarasota Grand Prix. I took the shuttle and I thought I was going to the actual races but instead the shuttle took me to Centennial Park. Anyhow they had a big screen tv and a bar-so I had a bloody mary and watched the  boats come and go that were in the race. (this racing stuff is a big deal here) It was probably better than fighting the huge crowd over on either Siesta Beach or Lido Key. I particularly liked a couple of boats IE: "the love muscle" (we give it to you hard) and Miss Geico (link here)-they are actually tubine engine boats.


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