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Mah Jong

Off to win big bucks in a mah Jong tourny tomorrow!!!

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newest stupid sock creature

ZoiNK & OsWAld

New uke!!!

My newest collectible!
This cigar box uke is from an Aroma de Cuva cigar box and was made by Tom Allad of cigarboxuke.com
It a nice little uke with a halfway decent sound-good for trekking around with...

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hello livejournal friends

 How is everyone?
I had a birthday--went on a bday cruise to the Bahamas.....still kayaking and playing mah jong---oh and working as a graphic artist.....whas new out there?

cute Papillion puppy

This is a co-workers puppy---only 8 lbs and REALLY SWEET


 This was the only one that wasn't backing away when we passed it!

A 88 GATOR day paddling the Myakka river

NO KIDDING! We paddled 6.5 miles and counted 88 gators!
WOW it was so gorgeous out and the water was really high. I also saw a corn snake 4 wild boar and a deer as well as hawks-egrets and other birds.

 gator on myakka